So we had our second ‘Xangbang’ (I think Sommer coined that phrase maybe?) at Karen and Albert’s home in Houston and this year it was even bigger than before! Loads of the Houston based Xanga people and even a few folks from further afield were there. Here are a few of my pictures.

There were actually a number of people there I hadn’t met or read before. I wanted to get around and chat to everyone, but you know how nights like that can be. They pass all too quickly. But I did at least get to say “hi” to most people and have at least some introduction to those I didn’t know.

Hats off to Heath for coming to the party on her own. I guess she figured we wouldn’t all be weirdoes but still, that was brave to do. She said she wore the ‘God save the Queen’ Sex Pistols T-shirt especially for me. So Heath, I’ll just say I appreciated that, and I told Liz yesterday about it and she said “Big up to you girl”. Our Queen is so hip ;-)

Above Anna talks to someone I was particularly looking forward to meeting, Ashley. She has a funny laugh which I heard often, but each time we chatted she had this look on her face like ‘how the heck do I take Simon, he’s kinda strange.’ It’s a funny thing, we were meeting for a first time, but oddly enough because of the Xanga blogging community link we weren’t really making true ‘first impressions’ upon one another. It’s more like you’re getting a chance to see how the person you’ve been reading for a while actually interacts with other people.

The picture above is hilarious because of Carey. Look at his expression then check out his hands! Below Roy(!) is picked up Chris in some strange ice-dance maneuver, and at the end of the night we started making strange stickers. What can I tell you, we’d had a few drinks!

Now that I’ve posted these pictures it has become apparent to me that I only seem to have pictures of me with girls! I did have a couple of ones with guys, but they were blurred or bleached by the flash to the point we look very sick indeed. In my defense I think I would argue that there was probably a healthy majority of females at the party, but I just know you lot aren’t going to buy that are you.

I want to extend my thanks to Karen and Albert for letting us all descend on their home in Houston. Karen made delicious sandwiches and other stuff and between them they were just great hosts, so I am sure I speak for everyone who came when I say a very big THANK YOU to them for their hospitality.

It was great to meet all you guys who were there, I only wish I could have spoken more to you all. So how do you top a Xangbang?