Well after you all go so very excited about the iTunes signature mix I posted about yesterday, I thought I’d give you another site to enthuse so enthusiastically about. MyHeritage.com, a site that according to it’s own hype “is one of the world’s first applications to apply the scientifically advanced technologies of face detection and recognition to family history and to consumer photos.”

It’s still in its early stages though, a fact that became quite obvious when it suggested that I look very similar to Rita Hayworth! The software also flatteringly suggested that I might also look similar to Leanardo DiCaprio or even Bradd Pitt! Now, though I say it myself, I don’t think I’m a bad looking chap, but its stretching things to suggest that I might be mistaken for a hollywood heart throb.

But after a flattering start the software also felt that I look somewhat like actor Dennis Quaid, producer/director Steven Speilberg, and most worrying of all, the lateMaurice Gibb from the BeeGee’s!

myheritage.com – who do you look like?