The jokers behind the recent “God hates a fag” video that caused quite a rumble online, have made another video which I hadn’t noticed until the other day when “Donnie” himself told me about it.

I managed to track ‘Donnie’, known in the real world as actor Joey Oglesby, and he was kind enough to spare me a few moments to chat about his video ‘The Bible Says’ in which the Donnie character sings about how “God hates a fag.”

Although Joey hasn’t yet (to my knowledge) admitted that ‘Donnie’ is him, there is now no doubt. According to ‘Donnie’ a new video will be coming out quite soon, and “work is progressing” on the C.H.O.P.S (Changing Homosexuals Into Ordinary People) program.

However, the latest video on Donnie’s own website seems to add a lot more humor to the subject which so many people, including YouTube, Google Video, and Myspace, all had a sense of humor failure about.

At this stage I’m glad that the Davies camp are playing up the joke a little more obviously, but I’m still a little puzzled as to where they want this to go next. Another video will surely not have anywhere near the same effect and at worst might even be viewed as being deliberately antagonistic toward both Christians and gay people.

If the original video was made to promote discussion using humor about how the church vilify and struggle to treat gay people in a way that they should, then it pretty much achieved it’s objective. But a lack of follow-up leaves me feeling a little disappointed that ‘Donnie’, or the group behind the prank, may have let a valuable opportunity to raise a few good questions (aside “who is Donnie Davies?) pass them by.

The sad truth though is that while Donnie and his ‘Bible Says’ video fade into the forgotten, the very real attitudes that made so many wonder if his video might actually be real, are still out there and part of the religious opinions of more people than perhaps we might want to think about. Perhaps that is the point that Donnie Davies should now be making?