If ever you get to the point where you think dressing your dog in some kind of costume is a good idea, you’ve probably already experienced a serious taste malfunction. However, if you ever put your dog in something like the outfit pictured below then you’ve had a serious, and I would suspect, completely unrecoverable breakdown of all good taste, medically referred to as ‘Chronic Taste Failure’ or CTF.

Chronic taste failure isn’t an uncommon condition and evidence suggests that the number of people afflicted is on the rise. Men and women are equally likely to be struck with CTF which can strike at almost any age. The condition is seemingly indiscriminate and left untreated can develop into TTF (terminal taste failure).

Although the onset of CTF often goes unnoticed by the affected individual it can usually be detected by looking for telling signs. Fluffy objects, an abundance of cheap gold jewelry, shower caps and Barry Manilow CD’s are among the more obvious signs. However pay attention for early onset signs such as flashing bluetooth headsets worn all the time, regardless of whether it’s in use or not. Car bra’s, travel pillows, and ridiculous mobile phone ring tones are also pointers that CTF may well be in its early stages.

If you display any early symptoms DO NOT DELAY – Seek professional help at once!

The disturbing picture above (found while I was looking for a pig picture for my chinese new year post) is probably something only someone suffering a sad case of Terminal Taste Failure would find endearing.

The creators of the “Pig dog costume” are blatantly exploiting CTF and TTF sufferers when they claim on their website that “Your dogs will love the attention from photo opportunities and parties in this hilarious Piggy Pooch costume.”

If you think you have CTF, or if you know anyone suffering from CTF, don’t be ashamed to request help. Ask your doctor for details about Taste Failure Support Groups in your area. They’re always completely anonymous and never judgmental.

Remember, taste failure can strike at anytime but with the correct treatment as well as the support of friends and family, sufferers can make a complete recovery and go on to live long and happy lives.