I saw this National Geographic video today and was totally grossed out. It shows maggots being placed into an open wound on a woman in an American hospital as part of medical treatment. At several points I actually put my hands over my face and shuddered at the grossness of it!

According to the National Geographic website only a few species of fly larvae, primarily blowflies, are suitable for such duty. Five to ten maggots are placed on each square centimeter (0.2 square inch) of a wound, which is then covered with a protective dressing that allows the maggots to breath. For the next 48 to 72 hours, the maggots dissolve dead tissue by secreting digestive juices and then ingesting the liquefied tissue and bacteria. The maggots grow from about two millimeters (0.08 inch) to nearly ten millimeters (0.4 inch) in the process.


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