It was interesting watching the whole ‘Donnie Davies’ video episode unfold across the net last week. Interesting not so much for all the angry and perplexed reactions the video received, but for how Davies video, in which the supposed pastor is seen singing “God hates a fag“, has been repeatedly removed from YouTube, Google Video, Revver, and myspace. Is that because they don’t get the gag, don’t think it’s funny, don’t want to incur the wrath of God, or worse yet, the wrath of the religious right? At this stage it’s hard to tell.

The video is an edgy parody of the kind of religious nonsense that has left many wondering whether or not it could actually be genuine. Certainly it wouldn’t be the first time such a hateful message has been heard from those who claim to otherwise be full of the love of Christ. However it’s now emerged that Donnie Davies is actually 28 year old comedian Joey Oglesby from Dallas. Oglesby insists he is not Davies, but if he isn’t then it would seem he and his twin brother were separated at birth.

So it’s joke then. Clearly not one that everyone will find amusing, but it is nonetheless a joke and therefore deserving of it’s rightful place aside other clips? Apparently not if you’re Google, YouTube, Revver, Myspace, or any of the other American video sharing websites that have spent the last week feverishly removing the video wherever it appears.


According to YouTube the video was removed “due to terms of use violation.” One assumes they felt it crossed what they term an “ethnically offensive” line. Google Video, Revver and Myspace would probably cite much the same reasons. But the question isn’t so much why they removed the video, but why they have never felt equally motivated to remove other such material that might be deemed “ethnically offensive”. In particular the videos produced by the Westboro Baptist Church who are deadly serious when they proclaim that God really does hate “fags”.

It seems likely that much of the inspiration for the Donnie Davies video might have been derived from the venomous hateful spew that is preached by the Rev. Fred Phelps and his church. Their message that “God hates fags” and so called “fag enablers” is exported around the world using their website and services such as YouTube and Google Video.

The church has basked in media attention created by their highly controversial protests at military funerals, holding placards with slogans like “Thank God for 9/11” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”. The protests are staged to highlight their belief that because of America’s acceptance of homosexuality, God is punishing the country by killing U.S. servicemen in the Middle East.


If you search for Fred Phelps YouTube and you will quickly find plenty of videos from the Westboro baptist church in which you’ll find many videos that contain “ethnically offensive” language that is surely no less offensive as that used in the Donnie Davies video, which lets not forget is a joke.

Google video, who own YouTube and who also removed the Donnie Davies video, go one better. They have a whole section of videos by the “fag” hating ‘Christian’ group!

It’s therefore puzzling as to why a parody video featuring “fag” hating Christians is repeatedly removed while a whole slew of genuine “fag” hating so called Christian material remains online. Are we to conclude that these videos are somehow less “ethnically offensive” than Donnie Davies singing that “there lies no virtue in sodomy”? How come genuine “fag” hating ‘Christians’ don’t incur the same kind of anger and complaints that has surely befallen the Davies song?

While I am not calling for internet censorship, I would be happier if the sites that removed the Davies video were to show some consistency and apply their ethical and moral judgement equally across the board instead of allowing extremists to voice quite hideous and unpopular opinions while silencing those who would mock them.

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