One of the things I really wish I could get in the UK is Naked juice. Those fruit smoothie drinks are just the best, and my favorite of all is the green superfood – Yum!

Sadly you simply can’t buy Naked juice, or for that matter any green superfood juice, here in the UK and the companies have no plans to export it to these shores either. In response to an email to both Naked and Odwalla asking them if they export their drinks to the UK of if they had any plans to, Odwalla sent back the shorted email I have ever had, “No, sorry.” Naked emailed me back explaining that the juice probably wouldn’t last that long and even if it did flying the juice such a long distance would go against their environmental philosophy.

Of course, when I am in America I try to drink something other than Naked or Odwalla as both those brands are owned by Coke and Pepsi respectively. In Oregon I found a good alternative that was not only as tasty but also organic too. Columbia Gorge drinks are pretty much exactly the same as those offered by Naked and Odwalla, but they have that added ‘I’m not giving my money to a mega-corp’ feel good factor.

I’m not sure why there is no similar drink offering to the green superfood here in the UK. Maybe studies have been done into Brits and green sludge like drinks? We do have Innocent drinks, but they don’t do a green superfood, and even if they did it would most likely be shockingly expensive like the rest of their drinks.

Australians also can’t get Naked, but instead they can get Nudie. Nudie Juice drinks offer pretty much what you would expect, and the companies website even includes a nudie pictures section!

I suppose I could try making my own green superfood drink. But I’m not sure. Didn’t Odwalla drinks kill some people a few years back? I think I’ll just have to stick to making fruit smoothies until I’m back on American soil where I’ll once again be able to buy green superfood, or as one person once called it “that nasty green sludge.”

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