I had a great Birthday! As I wrote last week, I always enjoy my birthday. The opportunity to get a few of my friends and family together is just too good to miss. With the Christmas anticlimax effect still in effect it would seem that my friends like having this date on their calendars too.

A few people couldn’t make it this year but twelve of my friends and family joined me for a meal at a place not far from where I live. The venue made the lofty claim of being a country club, The Grange maybe many things, but ‘country club’ it is not. As the night draws on the bar and downstairs dance club fills up with what always looks like a gathering of divorcees hell bent on squeezing into the clothes they wore when they were thin enough to get away with something like that. Nonetheless though we all had a great time because we were able to sit around a large table in a private dining room and enjoy the good company.

As I wrote before, my birthday is now one of the highlights of the year for me. I just love being able to get a bunch of people I love to be with around a big table, it’s great! As usual we set off a few rockets before we went to the restaurant, a couple of the neighbors peeked to see what on earth was happening, but any would be complainers probably beat a retreat when they realised that they were horribly out-numbered.

I had a great time as did everyone else by all accounts. As I previously wrote… I love my birthday!