So, I have a new car. I wasn’t about to let a crash put an end to my MG ‘top down’ motoring days, so I went out and got myself another British Racing Green MGF. Only this time it’s a little newer and a lot fast than the old one.

I did look at a couple of other cars that I’ve been interested in. I thought I might take this opportunity to perhaps buy a Smart Roadster, a Lotus Elan, or a Lotus Elise. Though in the end those cars cost a little more than I was willing to spend in cash right now, though I may yet buy one of these cars maybe next year.

In truth, the reason I got essentially the very same car as I already had, was because I hadn’t yet decided to have a new car. I was still enjoying my British Racing Green MG and I wasn’t thinking of getting another car at this stage.

My previous MG had a couple of non-standard items that I removed before it was taken away. A rear windbreak and a sportster roof. These were expensive additions that really made a big difference to the car so I swapped them over onto my new MG. (The windbreak’s key feature is that it cuts down the amount of moaning you get from female passengers who complain that having the roof down messes up their hair!)

This one is a little newer than my old one and has some rather nice spoils which include a full leather interior. I’ve actually had the car for a few days already so I took it out on Sunday and took the above pictures. But today, after a full service, new brake disks and pads all round, and a few other minor jobs, it was given a clean bill of health by my engineer.

Aside the annoyance of having to deal with my insurance company over the claim that I have made, the whole crashing incident has actually worked out very well indeed, and best of all, I’ve got plenty more ‘top down’ days ahead of me!