Could Paris Hilton, the worlds most pointless and talentless celebrity, be the next big spiritual guru?

Ms Hilton’s seven spiritual lessons were featured in a magazine called Precognito. (No, I’d never heard of it either.) I Googled around for a breakdown of these seven steps to enlightenment, but oddly enough it would seem that unlike much of her life, her spiritual guidance didn’t find coverage online.

I’m tempted to buy the magazine just out of curiosity. What would the Guru Paris give to the world?

I can’t decide whether the fact that nobody cares to re-print Paris Hilton’s seven spiritual lessons is a good thing or a bad thing. In a way I am glad that we’re not all about to start listening to the wisdom of a girl who appears to be a living brain donor, yet at the same time we’re happy to accept her as a celebrity walking the red carpet and posing for pictures.

Nobody wants to hear Paris Hilton talk about God. Her role in our world is to wear something slinky, look pretty, and smile. We expect nothing more from her and in a way I think that’s a shame. Maybe her lessons would have been garbage, but I think I could stomach Paris Hilton a little more if I thought her opinions were valued by the press as much as pictures of her scrawny rich ass!

As for the readers of Precognito magazine, well they’ve already moved on. Having applied the wisdom of Paris Hilton to their lives they’re now readying themselves for the next issues big spiritual lesson; How to initiate Archangelic Energy and make a real difference in the world.