Jesus Christ!Among the many things that churchy folk do that perplex me is the habit they all seem to have of capitalizing the words ‘him’ or ‘he’ when they refer to God.

Last year I got into a digital fender bender with a student from Patrick Henry College over the fact they had deleted a comment I left on their blog because I hadn’t capitalized the word god, or God if you will.

It seemed like a draconian step to take over what was simply a typo, but the student insisted that my comment had to be removed because by not capitalizing his name I had dishonored the almighty.

Well, fair enough. I can understand capitalizing God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Devudu, Shang Ti or any of his other names for that matter. That, after all, would be grammatically correct. But what then is the reasoning behind the rather bizarre practice of capitalizing the H when using the words ‘him’ or he’ in relation to God? Perhaps those churchy folk among you could shed some light on this for me.

Where the hell is God?