It’s often hard for guys to know what to buy that special girl in their life. But I think I might have just found something that might fit the bill. The ultimate swiss army knife for girls, including lipstick, hairdryer, big make-up brush wotsit and one of those eyelash thingys!

I found the picture of this female friendly swiss army knife on a website the other day while looking for a new telephone headset (go figure?). Unfortunately the link to the website that would allow me to tell you everything about this fine invention was no longer working.

However, while trying to find more information about the girly gizmo I actually did find a swiss army knife aimed a the female market. The Miss Army Knife comes equipped with a flashlight, perfume bottle, mirror, pill box, nail file, scissors, safety pin, tweezers, knife, and a needle and thread! However with all this functionality costing just 20 bucks I’m thinking that some quality corners may have been cut along the way?

However, not to be outdone, a new version of the classic Swiss Army Knife is now available for the manly man who wants to be equipped for anything. Pictured below is the Wenger Giant knife complete with its 85 devices that perform 110 different functions!

The Wenger Giant knife weighs a manly chest thumping 2lb and costs $1,200 (£607.189), though unfortunately at the time of writing this, Wenger were out of stock of this particular knife.

Miss Army Knife
Wenger Swiss Giant knife
Call that a knife?
Swiss sex toy knife