I got a speeding ticket from Heddlu Gogledd Cymru. That’s the North Wales Police to those of you who don’t speak Welsh. I don’t speak Welsh either, but maybe I look Welsh in the picture taken by the speed camera that was cleverly obscured by the leaves of an overhanging tree, because the ticket I’ve been sent to my English home address is written entire in Welsh!

Speeding ticket in Welsh

Araf is one of the few Welsh words I know. It means Slow the f*ck down! I know this because it’s written in huge letters on many of their roads and signs. Those who live in or near to North Wales know that you need to heed those warnings too because the Heddlu (police) enforce their speed limits with a merciless ferocity that Darth Vadar would envy.

For that reason I watch my speed on the popular tourist routes of North Wales where orwellian speed cameras stand beside the roads in strategic positions to catch even the slightest infraction. The camera that snapped me caught me going 47mph in a 40mph zone. However, my annoyance was that I was under the impression the road was a 50mph zone. On later inspection I had failed to see a heavily obscured change of speed limit sign shortly before the ‘safety camera.’

I could go to court armed with evidence that the sign was obscured and therefore at 47mph I thought I was within the limit, but it would likely be a fools errand and if found guilty the fine would increase, plus I would have to pay court costs. On this occasion I can avoid penalty points on my licensee if I agree to pay the £60 ($120) fine and attend a speed awareness course. I’ll take that offer of course, but I’m no less annoyed.

I’ll suck it up of course, but getting this ticket just reminds me that in the UK you’re never far from a camera watching your every movement. We are the most surveilled country on earth, and that makes me feel more than a little uneasy.

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