Someone call the style police – there’s been a fashion violation!

This is a little thing, but take a close look at the picture of Barack Obama at the top of his website. Is it just me or does he look like a scruffy binge drinking broker to you too?

It’s probably something only I would notice, but someone working on the Obama website has clearly photoshopped a red tie to the President Elect – but why?

Does wearing a tie make him appear more honest, serious, or trustworthy? If so then why not just use a picture of him wearing a tie rather than some fumbled photoshop job that makes him look like he gets style tips from London’s mayor, Boris Johnson.

In fact, the closer I look at this picture the more I’m thinking that he wasn’t even wearing a jacket in the original either! If you look at the website you’ll even see that the bottom right part of his suit is missing and what’s going on with his shirt.

I did a quick Google to see if I was the only nerd in the world who has mentioned this, and it would appear that I am. However, perhaps unsurprisingly there is an entire website out there devoted to such gaffs. ‘Photoshop Disasters’ features some funny and truly head scratching Photoshop gaffs. I’ll submit the Obama photoshop disaster, which I suppose isn’t so much a disaster as it is an Obamanation… groan.

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