Over the last few months my blog (and indeed all my websites) has been notoriously slow to load and often not working at all. However, that should no longer be the case because I’ve moved to a much faster and far more reliable web service.

I know this isn’t exactly interesting, but a number of people have mentioned in the past that my blog was very slow and unreliable, so I thought I would just make a quick announcement to say that those problems should now be a thing of the past.

My previous web hosting company was WeaverWeb, run by my rather charmless friend, Darryl. His web hosting business has been failing for some time and he recently decided to give up on it, and in the process leave many customers without services or any way to reach him.

My new web hosting provider has been extremely helpful in assisting me to move the 60+ websites from my old host to theirs. Dan from EZPZ web hosting (I know, it’s a terrible name) has gone to some lengths to ensure the move was as smooth as possible. His diligent attention to detail and friendly manner has been a refreshing change, believe me!

As silly as it seems, I have to say using this new web host and enjoying the speed and reliability is akin to driving a new car, it’s great, and hopefully, you’ll notice a difference too.