Happy New Year everyone! It’s a little belated I know, but upon returning to the UK I’ve been sick in bed and I’m only now emerging from that. I can’t remember the last time I was so ill. So you see, while 2008 might already be well under way for you, it’s just beginning for me.

I took the picture above on the last day of 2007 while at Pensacola Beach in Florida. I didn’t expect to be in Florida that day at all, but I was visiting Susan from Mississippi over the New Year and we were driving to Gulf Shores, Alabama, to meet up with some of her friends when I saw a sign for Pensacola Florida. Susan explained that it was not that much further so we went there just so I could say I went there!

I wrote the message in the sand specifically for all of you, though I hope it brought a smile to anyone else who might have happened upon it. I had planned to post it on Jan 1st but time the sickness got the better of me.

I’m not really one for new year resolutions, but how about you? What do you want from 2008? Whatever it is I hope that this year is a great one for all of us. So once again, as late as it might be, Happy New Year everyone!