With all the problems of the world like the climate crisis, cancer, aids, and the such, you’ll be releaved to know that scientists in America have just published the findings of an extensive study into the most effective way to swat a fly.

Publishing their findings in the journal Current Biology, scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) reveal that the best way of swatting a fly is to creep up slowly and aim ahead of its location. They also revealed that the reason why flies are adept at dodging a swat is down to quick-fire intelligence and good planning. In layman’s terms this kind of announcement is called “stating the bleeding obvious.”

The scientists used high speed and high resolution video to film a series of experiments with fruit flies and a looming swatter. The researchers discovered that long before the fly leaps it calculates the location of the threat and comes up with an escape plan putting their bodies into pre-flight mode within 100 milliseconds of spotting the swatter.

According to Caltech’s Professor Michael Dickinson this illustrates the speed and complexity of the fly’s brain, though it’s hard to say what it illustrates about the brains of scientists.

Personally the most effective method I have found in my fly swatting experience is to take two rolled up newspapers, one in each hand, then bash the crap out of the little bugger by bringing them both down on the flies location simultaneously.

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Photograph by Airbrontosaurus