Has Presidential nominee Senator John McCain made a cunning move in picking Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as his republican running mate in this years Presidential election? I know nothing about Palin other than she’s a woman, but with so many pissed off Hillary supporters out there this might just have been the smartest move McCain has made in his bid to become America’s next President.

America’s Next President sounds like it could be the title for a low budget ad-laden reality TV game show, and in a sense that’s exactly what it is. So far we’ve had the bitchty name calling, the lies and double-talk, the drama surrounding expensive hair-do’s, and an emotional defeat that have left fans (known in this setting as supporters) in tears and embittered.

In many respects this has actually been reality TV worth watching, but since the Clinton/Obama battle faded the ratings must have taken a slight tumble. Yes, former candidate John Edwards was spotted skulking around the corridors of a hotel getting a little extra-marital input, but the there was something, dare I say, sexy about having Hillary do battle with the Barack-star (and that’s the only time I’m ever going to use the word sexy in the same sentence as Hillary Clinton!). Her supporters might have hoped that Obama would choose her as his running mate, but that was never going to happen, and their hopes were dashed when Joe Biden’s name was put on the ticket.

Enter Miss Congeniality and former runner up of Miss Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin. Senator John McCain’s running mate is bringing sexy back to the show (sexy in a Hillary Clinton way, not a Christina Aguilera way you understand). This might just have been a master stroke by the McCain camp. It’s very possible, some might even say likely, that all those pissed of Hillary supporters who have been telling anyone who will listen how they’re not going to vote for Obama, might now be far more inclined to vote for McCain.

But who is Sarah Palin? That’s the question many people will be asking, and no doubt the news anchors will be answering that in brain popping detail. But come on, yes I know this is a serious presidential race and all, but in terms of good ol’ fashioned reality TV, Governor Palin is a ‘MILF’, and thank God for that. Now we’ve got our trash TV back and the race for the leadership of the free world is back on the ‘possibly watchable’ list once again.

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