Yesterday I was walking with a friend on Crosby Beach, Liverpool, when I came upon a sealed plastic bottle lying on the sand with a piece of paper in it. I picked it up and saw that the paper inside was rolled and had been neatly bound with a thread complete with a bow. It was a message in a bottle!

As I undid the plastic bottle-top I wondered what might be written on the lined paper within. A confession perhaps, maybe a note to a lost love, or a dream set free. This being Crosby Beach on the mouth of the River Mersey that opens into the ice cold waters of the Irish Sea I hardly imagined it would be a note from Robinson Crusoe.

What I found inside was perplexing, and I’ll confess, somewhat disappointing. A neatly handwritten list of accidents, incident, events and deaths that the author apparently felt were suspect.

Among the items listed were “Koncordesky Accident? Paris” and “12/8/00 The Kursk Accident? DMDNT” along with “31/8/89 Princess Anne” and “The Umbrella Man 1/2/05 Wm Gray Heysham LA3 The Radioactive Man”. But the note offered nothing more, no questions, no suppositions, nothing.

The note, which I was disappointed wasn’t an SOS from an undiscovered desert island somewhere in the Irish sea, was dated 28th of October 2008. My friend and I both looked at it and could make no sense of it, nonetheless I put the note in my pocket so I could Google it when I got back home.

As it happens, it turns out I am not the first person to find a note like this. Others have reported finding similar messages in bottles on several beaches not far from where we were.


If the mysterious messenger was hoping their bottles would find far off places then they didn’t consider the currents of the Irish Sea which would be unlikely to carry any such message very far.

The furthest reported finding thus far seems to be from someone who found a bottle on Magheramore Beach in County Wickow, Ireland, at the beginning of summer 2008.

So it would seem that the author of the bizarre little notes lives somewhere around Liverpool bay area, and judging from the handwriting I doubt they’re a kid playing a prank. So what is this strange message then, what do these events have in common?

Maybe I’m supposed to become intensely interested and begin my own journey of discovery, but it’s been years since The X Files held my interest and frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time. So if the author finds this blog post (and I suspect they will in time) then I would suggest that they cast their bottles further from home, and that they write something a little less cryptic in future. Ask a question, write a web link, entice us to join the dots. Because as fun as it was finding this message in a bottle, if the message doesn’t make sense then I’m afraid you’re just a litterbug.

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