In a land where everyone dreams of stardom, and though every door lies the chance of discovery, one mans final breath hails the beginning of his greatest journey to a place where time has no meaning and from where nobody has ever returned. Don LaFontaine, the movie voice-over guy enters The Afterlife.

I couldn’t let 68 year old Don LaFontaine’s death pass without saying something, in a deep husky voice, of course. His famous baritone voice has featured on several thousand movie trailers, TV and radio commercials and made him arguably one of the most famous voices in the world, even if people couldn’t actually name the person it belonged to.

LaFontaine’s wrote or co-wrote most of the movie voice-overs he did and his style became something of a template for movie trailers. Many a time my friends and I have mimicked that style while goofing around. That’s probably just ‘a guy thing’ to do, but it’s given us a few laughs over time. A while back my friend Anthony and I attempted to narrate our daily lives in LaFontaine’s style. Giving mundane tasks a deep voice over provided us with some foolish amusement until I got a sore throat. If I had kept it up I might just have ended up sounding like LaFontaine forever, though given his tremendous success as a voice-over artist, maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

LA Times : Don LaFontaine dies at 68
LaFontaine appearing in a Hollywood Video TV ad