America has gone mad for McCain’s head cheerleader and VP pick, Pamela Anderson Sarah Palin. Her appearance has injected a new interest into the presidential race, ignited the crazy Christian ‘base’ of the republican party, and utterly derealed any conversations about Presidential issues like say the economy, immigration, foreign policy, the environment, and T.W.A.T (The War Against Terror).

I’ve actually found myself feeling a little bad for John McCain as detractors of the Presidential wannabe keep talking about his imminent death and the fact that someone who thinks the world is just 6000 years old could become the ‘leader of the free world.’ McCain might be an old man who can’t remember how many houses he owns, but surely it’s a little unkind to be counting each passing day as another moment stolen from clutches of death.

I’m not interested in speculating on Senator McCain’s longevity but instead in a question that, to me at least, seems far more interesting and relevant, that question being; How can the mother of five, including a baby with special needs, even consider running for the position of Vice President of the United States? Granted, the VP’s job is pretty much a cheerleaders role, but it’s still a demanding one and a position that sets the tone for that persons future.

Am I being sexist when I ask this question? Is this one of those questions a progressive thinking individual should not dare utter? Is counting down the days until a healthy mans death more acceptable than raising the question of motherhood and a highly demanding job?

I wonder how many other “ordinary hockey Moms” would put their careers before their children, or decide to take a demanding high profile job when they have a baby with special needs? Maybe I’m being old fashioned here, but there’s something about Palin’s willingness to set aside her duties as mother which feels a little off to me in the same way that John Edwards campaign to become president while his wife fought cancer also seemed a little off.

Matt Damon said in a recent interview that the possibility of “an ordinary hockey Mom” becoming President was like “a really bad Disney movie.” Some might call Palin’s story the epitome of the American dream, and in many respects it is and therefore criticizing it feels like a double standard. But if we’re going to concede that being a good mother is a tough job, then is the kind of person who bails out on that duty really the kind of person people should aspire to put in the Whitehouse? I’m note sure.

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