I know it’s the start of the week and probably too early to be posting websites for procrastination purposes, but I thought you might enjoy this one.

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Canadian cartoonist Cathy Thorne takes a humorously look at the day-to-day things women face, but while her cartoons are obviously appealing to a female audience they’re funny and enjoyable even for a red blooded male like me.

Working from her home on a quiet street in Toronto Thorne publishes a weekly cartoon “about real women” on her website ‘Everyday People‘ which is really worth look. As a guy I found myself thinking “Yeah I know how that feels” when looking at some of the cartoons, like the one which shows a woman standing alone with a captions that reads; “It’s not that I want to change him, it’s just that he would be so much better if he were different.” Or another in which a couple stand apart, arms crossed in annoyance with the caption; “I know I’ve been overly emotional lately, but that only means you should be nicer to me.

It’s a funny site that’s well worth a visit. You can even email the cartoons, though you can’t add a message to the email unfortunately. I wanted to email a couple of them but I decided against it because on their own I was worried that it might seem like I was just being mean. But there I go again, trying to preempt what a woman would think – I guess I’ll never learn!

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