Over the weekend me and a few other guys went to Scotland for our friend Gavin’s ‘stag weekend.’ I’d write a post about it, but we agreed that what happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland. So you see, my lips are sealed.

What happens in Scotland...

I would love to write a funny post about the birds and the beers, the laughter and the tears, the ups, the downs, the rage buggies, the flamenco dancer girls, and the conquests of Fozwaldo the great, and the blood sucking vampires. But the stories of the stag weekend are sealed now among an elite pre-wedding ninja brotherhood that can never break the unwritten code of silence.*

*Code may be temporarily deferred by members of the pre-wedding ninja brotherhood for the purposes of humorous regaling with absolute license given for embellishment or complete manipulation/fabrication of the facts for the extension of merriment, amusement, embarrassment or ridicule.