Imagine for a second that you’re Hillary Clinton. You’ve just lost the battle to be the democratic party nomination for President of the United States, a destiny you always thought was yours for the taking. This was your big shot at being America’s first woman President, but as Barack Obama declares victory in the primaries you must be thinking that the job you once thought was yours for the taking, has just evaporated and you’re done. So now what?

Hillary Clinton : Loser

Hillary is said to be “open” to the possibility of being Senator Obama’s Presidential running mate. But come on, if you had just lost an epic battle that a year ago you didn’t even think you would be fighting, would you be willing to stand dutifully behind the guy who just beat you? Besides which, there’s surely no way Obama would ask Hillary to be his running mate. She’s been slinging mud at him for months and if you were him wouldn’t you just want to get her and her annoying voice as far away from you as possible?

But what is Hillary playing at? She’s still not conceded defeat, and if she doesn’t do so quickly she risks not just being seen as a loser, but a sore loser. Her chance to exit the race gracefully has passed, but if she continues to fight this could get embarrassing, like watching a drunk wrestle a bouncer twice his size.

So, can Hillary go back to being just Senator Clinton, or is that too much of a step down for the once “inevitable leader?” Whatever she chooses, while she might not be willing to accept it, it seems that her hopes of putting the Clinton name back on the mailbox at the Whitehouse have disappeared, and with her husband and former President, Bill Clinton, saying on Monday “This may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind,” it looks like the age of Clintonism is over.

What is it about Hillary?