I need your help choosing my new company logo. From the four designs below leave a comment telling me which one is the best.

MELT web studio

MELT is my web design and consultancy company. It’s been paying my bills since 1998 but has long been in need of a serious makeover. I don’t expect the logo to communicate a great deal as the word ‘melt’ on its own hardly explains what the company does, but I wanted the logo to be cool and modern with an edge of professionalism to it.

I often say that the MELT work ethic has a “20% time” rule similar to Google. The search engine giant is famous for allowing it’s developers to work on their own projects for 20% of their time at work, citing this as an essential part of what drives innovation and creative thinking within the company.

However, I joke that the “20% time” rule at MELT means that 20% of the time at work should be spent doing something work related!

Of course, in reality there is no such rule because I think I strike a very healthy work/life balance. But it’s time to for a little corporate rebranding, so while I rarely post about work related things, I would really appreciate your help in deciding which of the new logos to go with. Please leave a comment letting me know which logo you think is the best.

Final logo design choice shown in comments (Comment #31)