So I’ve been watching ‘Lost‘ since it began in 2004, and now in it’s final season I’m none the wiser as to what the hell is going on. In essence, I too am utterly lost.

Previously on Lost.

So here’s the thing; I have forgotten more questions about ‘Lost’ that I can remember. The show has confused the hell out me, and now it seems the characters are shifting through time and alternate universes or something.

So far it seems Jon Locke in dead, but he isn’t. Jack’s Father is dead, but is also alive maybe. Sweet little Claire has become a bunny boiler. Sawyer is a cop. Richard is Peter Pan. Hugo is getting fatter despite spending years on a desert island. Jack and Sawyer’s stubble never ever grows, and nobodies hair has grown either.

There are a few theories floating around about what the heck is happening, some suggest that everyone is actually dead or in some kind of purgatory. At this stage though, I wouldn’t be altogether surprised if it all ended up being another narcoleptic episode of some woman from Dallas!

I’m pretty sure that the script writers won’t answer all of the questions. For example; Why did the DHARMA Initiative have robotic sharks? Why did Walt have special powers? And who did Horace work for?

I’m still enjoying the show, but each time I get to the end of the latest episode I’m always left with the same question, the one it seems that those in the TV show have asked over and over themselves as demonstrated in the video below.

So, do you have questions or a theory about what the heck is happening in ‘Lost?’

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