I was never a serious ‘LOST’ addict. The hit ABC TV series was never more than light entertainment for me, but after having just watched the series finale I find myself thinking ‘was that is?’

Lost Finale.

Plenty of people said that the finale of the series would inevitably be a disappointment that would answer few of the shows intriguing mysteries. I was expecting that, but come on, the ending could’ve only been a fraction more anticlimactic if Pam Ewing from TV’s Dallas had appeared in some dodgy looking 1980’s night frock to announce that the whole thing had all been one of her convoluted dreams.

Maybe I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I was still none the wiser as to what the heck was happening, even as I was half way through the finale episode. Desmond was running people over, Ben was a nerdy teacher, Sayid was coverting his brothers wife, and Sawyer was a cop! It was all a little confusing, but surely headed for a real head-bender of a finale.

Sure, I had already accepted the fact that there would be loose ends. I didn’t for one moment expect the script writers to tell us what the DHARMA Initiative was and why it had branded sharks. I knew that there would be no explanation as to why Walt had special powers, why polar bears were on the island, and how it was that everyone seemed to have the tracking abilities of Pocahontas.

I did, however, at least expect some of the bigger more pressing plot lines to be addressed. Like what the heck the island was, what was the infamous black smoke that somehow became Jon Locke, and who was Charles Widmore and what the heck was he after?

In the end though, while it wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t much better. Everyone we have been watching for the one hundred and fifteen hours that I spent following the show was in fact dead!

There wasn’t so much of a mention about all the other people who perished on Oceanic 815, not a whisper about ‘the others’ or indeed the other ‘others.’ Instead the whole series is wrapped up with some cheesy soft focus flipping back and forth through realities with people crying and saying “I remember” while Jack (and I) struggled to grasp what the heck was going on.

I can only imagine the dissapointment of the die-hard ‘LOST’ fans out there, crushed that there their complex calculations and theorizing were all for nothing. I’m not among them, in part because TV rarely pulls me in that much, and also because my brother told me when the show first started that the script writers had already got one disastrous series finale (Alias) under their belt so this was likely headed in the same direction.

But come on, ‘they were all dead’ … Really? The collective imaginations of the people who led us all down this make believe path, introducing us to the black smoke, the hatch, the diversionary sub plots, and ‘the others,’ couldn’t have come up with something just a little bit more imaginative than ‘they were all dead?’ For me I think that is far more disappointing than the ending itself.

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