It was my first day in the USA in 2012 and I was searching for a photograph that would ‘landmark’ my arrival there. This seemed like the perfect shot, even if it was a bit overtly ‘God Bless America.’ I liked the retro feel to the shot, the painted flag, and the horizontal lines.

Old Glory

I spotted this ‘Old Glory‘ on the side of someones garage in the town of Danvers, just north of Boston, in the USA. The United States flag is pretty photogenic due to its widespread use throughout the States, and indeed the world. Finding a good shot of it would, I thought, be a good way of showing my transition from Canada to the USA.

I like the way people love their flag in the USA. I wish that people flew the Union flag more back in the UK, our flag is every bit as good as the stars and stripes, and maybe even better in some ways.

Old Glory‘ isn’t my favorite flag though. That title would have to go to Wales I think. I like that flag because it’s got a dragon on it, and that’s just cool. But the Canadian flag would come close too I think.

The shot I used on this day showed pumpkins sitting on a fence not all that far from where this photograph was taken. The early evening golden sun and autumnal colors made that a far better choice I think, but I liked this shot enough to shoot it the next day too. However, the next day I went into Boston and used a shot from the city instead.

So do you have a favorite flag? Is it the flag of your country, or do you find yourself feeling a little envious of another nations flag?