I got used to being in the company of Geckos in 2012 as I travelled across Asia. I used to really enjoy hearing the noise of them and the other creatures that surrounded throughout my time in hot Asian countries.


I snapped this picture back in August at a restaurant in Coron, which is a small town in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It was raining heavily when I arrived in the Philippines and the city of Manila was enduring terrible floods due to monsoon rains.

The picture I chose to publish on this day was taken from inside a taxi cab as we made our way to the airport in Manilla to fly to Coron. As much as I liked the Gecko, I liked the water distorted colors through the taxi windscreen more.

I actually took quite a few pictures of Geckos on the inside of lampshades so I figured I would have another chance to publish a similar picture on another day. Funny thing is, after this time I never came across another Gecko chilling out on the inside of lampshade.