Back in December I was invited to go ‘mushroom’ hunting with my friend Erin and her friend Chandell. It turns out that isn’t very hard because mushrooms don’t run away.

Say cheese!

Actually, I have to say that I really enjoyed ‘mushroom hunting’ even though we didn’t get to shoot anything louder than our cameras. It was cool just wandering around Muir Woods National Park, not far from San Francisco.

I took several pictures, many of which I felt were worthy of publishing. Among them were various close up shots of droplets of water on leaves, as well as a few looking straight up at the towering redwood trees that stood the like the pillars of some great monument.

The picture I chose on this day was actually the best from the day, or at least I thought it was. However, I liked this one though because it captured a sense of the fun the three of us had. Chandell, a keen and seasoned mushroom hunter, took every opportunity she came upon to jump into the company of trees and have her picture snapped with them as if they were celebrities she met out in the wild somewhere.

We never consumed any of the mushrooms we came across, despite the fact that the mushrooms I pictured on that December day were in fact so-called ‘magic mushrooms’ that contained powerful psychoactive compounds!