It was a hot day in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and I had just been to a local flea market in the city. As I wandered around the various stalls sipping an ice-cold coffee, I looked at the stuff people were selling and marvelled at just how anyone could put a price tag on things that looked to me like they might have been recovered from a landfill.

Taxi of sorts

As I meandered my way through the market I came upon a VW camper van that was converted into a mobile cafe. I ordered an ice-cold coffee then sat under one of the multi-colored wooden stools under large parasols watching the people come and go from this funny little Thai market.

The picture I chose to publish on that hot May day was of a little figure of a singing fat lady that was stood on the counter of the coffee van. There were, of course, many other choices, but one I almost published was one of a taxi-bike that was zipping along the road. The young driver had three local girls sat on the ‘seats’ of the taxi-bike.

I miss the craziness of the roads in Asia.Back in Aus or the UK such a vehicle would never be allowed on the road, but here this wasn’t out of the ordinary in any way. I pointed my camera at the taxi-bike much to the amusement of the people on it.

I miss the craziness of the roads in Asia. I love how life pulses along them in a way that seems to make a mockery of our overly safety-conscious and rather utilitarian roads.