When I looked through my pictures at the end of this particular day last year, two things struck me about this picture.

Singapore Grand Prix party girl

In September of 2012 I was once again in Singapore for the Formula One Grand Prix. The city transforms for the event which takes place at night under lights on the streets of the city state.

In order to stop the crowds rushing too the gate too fast the organisers laid on off-track entertainment after the Formula One track action on both days. There were dancing girls, drummers, and other entertainers wandering around slowing the mad rush for the gates. They would play their music, dance, or whatever, and people would stand and watch them. Their presence added a real Mardi-Gras atmosphere to the nights.

I wanted to use this picture for two reasons. The photograph has great movement and, to be frank, that girl has great boobs! (Ah come on. If I hadn’t written that you would have thought that was my reason anyway!)

While I do like this picture, I think the one I ended up publishing that day was better. It featured a drumming group who banged water soaked drums loudly much to everyones enjoyment.