Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 80’s, but whenever I look at this picture I see the video for “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. Of course, I didn’t take this photograph on the set of a 1980’s pop song, but rather in a grave yard in Macau’s old town.

Macau prayer

Having featured so many Buddha’s on 366 pictures I felt their was an opening for another religious icon on the site. Back in the Philippines Christ himself narrowly missed out on become picture of the day no less than a trinity of times. In Bali some kind of Hindu God was beaten to publication by a rice paddy, and in Singapore I tried to take a picture of an interesting Mosque but I just couldn’t get a good angle.

Of course, in the end the praying angel didn’t get published. The picture I chose that day was taken from another angle of the moral compass at a somewhat risqué show called Taboo. Surrounded by actors in various stages of undress, I snapped a photograph of singer Jenlee Shallow performing under the theatre lights, and while I liked the praying angel, I simply liked the photograph of Jenlee better.