I took this picture way back at the start of 2012 while touring through the South Island of New Zealand. Open roads snaked a drivers dream through the rolling green hills and sun-soaked countryside. I wanted nothing more than to dispose of my rented camper-van and exchange it for an open top sports car.

The road ahead

I didn’t publish the picture back then because I chose to publish a picture of a sleepy seal instead. However, I liked this shot because it kind of represented not just the road ahead, but my entire year ahead. I had no plans beyond the seeing the Malaysian Grand Prix that March. Beyond that, I knew that the road ahead would be a winding one, but that was about all.

That was a pretty exciting and somewhat scary prospect. Most of us can look ‘down the road’ and see, or at least guess, what’s ahead. Our daily routines and commitments dictate much of what the future holds, so when you take those elements away the future begins to look a little less predictable.

It’s very much like driving on a road with nothing but those vague signs to tell you what to expect. The unpredictable nature of that ‘road’ can be exhausting and scary, but there’s no doubt that it’s exhilarating and exciting too.

So here I am, coming to the end of another Australian summer, and once again looking down a ‘road’ that quickly bends out of sight. I have a ticket to the Malaysian Grand Prix, then I’m going to spend time with friends in Singapore. I’ll spend a week in Vietnam before going to Shanghai in April for the third Formula One Grand Prix of the year, and that’s where the ‘road’ bends out of sight.

So this is the final post in the series of previously unseen photographs from 366 Pictures. I’ve enjoyed looking back on the year and sharing this ‘bonus material’ with you, but now I’m looking forward to the rest of 2013 and all the curves and swerves ahead.

Stay tuned!

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