This is something only the nerds will appreciate. If you’re not a nerd or one of those super-cool Mac people (iPeople maybe?) then chances are you wimply won’t get this

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, is of course way cooler than the Prince of Nerds Bill Gates. Gates though is fabulously rich and just about still clinging to his title as the richest man in the world, though he may well lose that too the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are sort of cool in some respect but still need Italian sports cars to get laid.

Apple as a brand carry way more kudos than Microsoft. But then even charismatic Steve Jobs would surely struggle to make spreadsheets seem sexy. The Apple -vs- Microsoft battle ended a long time ago according to Steve Jobs. But the latest Apple TV commercials take some pretty direct shots at Windows latest offering, Vista.

The Apple -vs- Microsoft battle is one of the enduring rivalries in the nerd world. It’s the geek equivelent of the Yankees -vs- The Red Sox, or Liverpool FC -vs- Manchester United. In essence the Apple -vs- Microsoft battle adds excitement to a subject that isn’t known for being exciting or sexy.

But all joking aside, Macs are just cooler… No, seriously, they are… really!

Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs
Microsoft founder Bill Gates
Google founder Larry Page
Google founder Sergey Brin
Bono (just because he IS cool)