I think I might have unwittingly purchased some Christian music! It’s an album by an artist I’ve just found called Peter Bradley Adams and while it’s a great album I have some nagging doubts it might be cleverly disguised Christian music.

What’s making me suspicious is the presence of some telltale Christian music hallmarks. Those are as follows:

  1. I can clearly make out every word he is singing.
  2. He sounds suspiciously like he might have his eyes closed and hands held high in some of these songs.
  3. There is an excessive amount of angel references and use of the word “Glory.”
  4. You can imagine some annoying ‘culturally relevant’ Christian youth leader loving this “secular” CD.
  5. It sounds like he would never use a cuss word while singing.

I don’t know anything about the artist though he sounds very familiar to me so it’s unlikely he’s a full blown hands-in-the-air rainbow guitar strap Christian. He sounds more like one of those undercover Christians who seems normal (until they start speaking).

After listening to it all day I feel like I need to go on a drunken drug fueled porno binge while listening to cuss-filled gangsta rap. A little ‘Christian offsetting,’ like planting trees to offset your carbon emissions.

That aside, this really is good music and, undercover-Christian or not, Peter Bradley Adams musical arrangements on some of these tracks is just awesome. ‘Los Angeles‘ sounds like something you might here on a TV show like The OC or something while other tracks like ‘Chant‘ already feel familiar to me.

His music is available on emusic, mTracks and iTunes, but if he’s listed under gospel music don’t tell me. My ignorance is bliss, even if I’m a little suspicious.

Peter Bradley Adams : Always

Peter Bradley Adams website