Having so many websites I do get a lot of email from people all over the world. I’ve been writing ‘Meanwhile‘ since 1997 and have a website since about 1996. Search for ‘Simon Jones‘ in Google and of the 21,100,000 instances it finds I am usually second or third in the listings.

Most emails I get are in connection to one of my sites. Point and Click America is a very popular site due to it No2 listing in Google when one searches for ‘Pictures of America.’

Last week I had a girl email me and request pictures of me shirtless. She claimed she’d seen some in a newspaper and confessed to finding me “a bit of a dish” and this was the reason she “had to” ask. I emailed her back and told her that as far as I was aware I hadn’t been photographed shirtless for a while, and if I had it was unlikely that a national paper would have been interested in any such pictures anyway. Turns out that she was actually looking for pictures of the England cricket player called Simon Jones.

Today I had a declaration of undying love from Claire. I read the email (below) and racked my brains for any Claires who may have made my acquaintance. I can’t remember any and I’m pretty sure if some girl was in love with me I’d know. Or at least you’d hope so wouldn’t you. I emailed her back and simply said “I hope you find your Simon, Claire. I guess we’ll never know.

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Claire (pussinboots1011@hotmail.com) on Friday, September 30, 2005 at 13:36:32

Message: i now know that simon jones is the love of my life and I’ve lost him! I’m searching the internet to try and find him i don’t think that you are the right simon jones but you are simon jones and i have to try. if your the right one, you will know who i am and i would love it if you replied, if your not sorry to have bothered you and best of luck for the rest of your life x

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